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Check out all the details for our exciting hunts that occur each winter.

Full details are available on the forum.

Over 2900 members from all over the country are part of the club. With all experience levels of predator calling represented, there is always some new and exciting to learn.

We travel all across the Northeast to educate hunters with our multi-media predator calling seminars.

With seven different seminars to choose from we can fit your specific needs.

Full seminar details are available on the forum.

Call 585-223-5324 for specific details

At BATMCC, we aim to enhance the predator hunting experience.
  • Provide a fun, friendly and informative message board.
  •  Host New York's premier hunting hunt... Foxpro's New York State Predator Hunt.
  • Host the Final Fling for Fox Contest
  •  Predator Seminar Presentations

Visit our forum to check out the latest BATMCC apparel. The designs and offerings change each season so be sure to check it out!